• Rates

    • NO Hidden Fees 
    • NO Subcontracting. We do 100% of the jobs. Our movers are experienced, careful and respectful.

    Two (2) Hour Minimum - average moving company has at least four (4) or six (6) hours, whether used or not.

  • Moving Rates

    Loading/Unloading: $32.00, per mover, per hour

    Driver: $2.75/mile


    Travel Fee determined by the miles from our base to your origin and back to our base from your destination.

    Travel Time determined by the miles from your origin to your destination.

    Moving Vehicle and Fuel Surcharge - Prices Vary



  • Home Estimates are required by the State of Pennsylvania. BEWARE of carriers that do not ask to see your inventory before it is moved!!

    If you have any questions some one would be more than happy to assist you. NO OBLIGATIONS necessary.


  • CALL TODAY ! (215) 392-6643

  • *** Now accepting all major credit cards, including American Express ***