• The Moving Company in Philadelphia

  • We know your belongings are valuable to you and you want to hire somebody who will care for your belongings like they would their own. The most important component of the moving process is ensuring your belongings will be moved securely and safely. Carefully handling, wrapping, packing, boxing, lifting, and unpacking your family heirlooms, your Lenox Christmas china, your cool (and irreplaceable) Derek Hess art collection, Great-Grandpa’s favorite chair, all your high-tech audio and video gizmos and gadgets, your treasured dining room table, and all your recently-purchased pieces – is not an easy feat; that’s why you should hire professional, intelligent, and dependable movers.


    Characteristics of the Ideal Moving Company:


    It is Licensed and Insured 

    Every serious moving company should be licensed and insured. Intelligent Movers is fully Licensed and Insured to offer their customers peace of mind. 

    It is a Jack (and Master) of One Trade

    The old adage, “Jack of all trades, master of none” applies to many industries, including moving. By choosing a company in Philadelphia that is focused on all-things-moving (versus a towing company that also happens to do roofs, unclog drains, and move people’s personal property), you’ll be hiring an expert moving company you can count on to answer all your questions, handle your property professionally, and deliver exceptional service. Additionally, their professional movers possess many diverse skills — an ability to communicate well with others, physical strength and stamina, common sense, and an ability to tend to the details while keeping the big picture in mind — all of which help contribute to their expertise in the one industry: Moving. 

    It trains their employees in Customer Satisfaction

    Moving is a stressful time but the professionals you hire should alleviate most of that stress- isn’t that what you’re hiring them for?! Intelligent Movers will give you the highest level of customer satisfaction from start to finish. We pay close attention to each one of our customers and their needs. We strive to keep the entire moving process upbeat and positive. Moving marks a new beginning and we await the opportunity of moving you forward.

    It has References, Referrals, & Other Happy Campers

    What do previous customers write, say, and share online (and in your local grocery store line) about the experiences they’ve had with the moving company you are considering? By taking the time to read reviews (the raves and the rants) of other customers regarding their personal experiences with the moving company, you’ll be better equipped to make a more-informed and confident decision. You’ll get a unique insight into how the company operates in a home, how they handle challenges, and how they fare in their customer service skills. Ask the company for referrals. If they say they’re not at liberty to disclose that personal information about their customers, suggest they give your name and phone number to three of their clients. Most customers who are satisfied with a service are happy to share their experience with others (as are clients who weren’t so happy with the service!) 

    It Provides a Price-Lock Guarantee 

    Finding a company that stands behind it’s services so much that you will not be asked to pay in full until all of the services are completed is pretty remarkable. With a trustworthy, integrity-based moving company of this caliber, you can rest assure there will be NO hidden fees. Some moving companies throw in additional fees and costs at the end. However, with Intelligent Movers, you know exactly what you’ll be paying for upfront. 

    It Welcomes (and Responds to) Feedback 

    While good reviews encourage and inspire potential customers to hire a moving company in Philadelphia, not-so-great reviews are often unavoidable but also help the company to become aware of areas in need of improvement and the chance to become an even better moving company. Further, an ideal moving company immediately addresses and responds to any negative comments/concerns from customers. A company response should include an apology or a promise to look into and follow-up with the concern.

    It Makes a Great First Impression 

    Find a moving company that employs uniformly-dressed professionals. This is a sure-sign the company is established and takes great pride in themselves. Companies that invest back in themselves as reflected in the appearance and training of their employees help ensure they are not simply a fly-by-night business that will be gone before you’re moved into your new home.


    Before hiring the services of a moving company in Philadelphia, consider the above. Every exceptional moving company possesses these characteristics and they need to be on your due diligence checklist as you explore your options. Once you’ve found a moving company in Philadelphia that meets all of the qualities of a trustworthy, experienced, and fairly-priced service ~ Voila! You’ve just found your moving company! 

    Intelligent Movers possesses all of these characteristics.